BlackBerry And Trend Micro Team Up Against Mobile Malware

The rise in popularity of smartphones has also made mobile malware apps increase in number. As more and more people rely heavily on their mobile devices there are others who are taking advantage of this by releasing apps that have malware hidden in them. BlackBerry is concerned with this situation and is working with Trend Micro, a global leader in cloud security, by providing its BlackBerry customers the necessary protection against malware.

BlackBerry will be using Trend Micro’s Mobile Applications Reputation Service which will be running in the back end. This new service will scan new and existing apps in the BlackBerry World app store for any potential malware like activity. This will add another layer of protection between app developers and the end user so as to minimize the risk of users downloading infected apps.

In a statement released by BlackBerry, they said that “BlackBerry is working with Trend Micro to implement a more robust approach for addressing privacy and security concerns related to third-party applications,” said Adrian Stone, Director, BlackBerry Security Response and Threat Analysis at BlackBerry. “By incorporating Trend Micro’s advanced mobile scanning and detection capabilities with our own internal, proprietary application analyzing system, we can provide another layer of protection and assurance for BlackBerry customers. Together, BlackBerry and Trend Micro are developing an innovative and comprehensive solution for protecting BlackBerry customers against emerging mobile security concerns.”  

According to Kevin Simzer, Vice President of Corporate Development and Alliances, Trend Micro “The volume of malicious and high-risk mobile apps are on the rise across the industry, which is why we applaud BlackBerry’s commitment to protecting their customers against these emerging mobile threats. With the speed that cybercriminals are targeting new platforms and applications, Trend Micro and BlackBerry’s strategic collaboration is natural and timely for the security of end users. Together, the two companies can further secure and enhance BlackBerry customers’ mobile experience.”

We should expect to see this added security feature to be fully used in the coming weeks.

via zdnet

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