Best Buy to Price Match Online Retailers

Best Buy has announced that, like Target, they will begin to price match certain online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg. This policy will go into effect for all locations on March 3rd. This should come as great news for anyone who is aware of how much money can be saved via online shopping but still longs for the instant gratification of traditional shopping at brick and mortar locations. As previously mentioned, Target also decided to permanently price match Amazon earlier this year in a move they said was to keep shoppers from simply “window dressing” or looking around a Target to get a physical handle on an item and look it over before heading home to purchase it on Amazon (or even purchasing it right there in the store on Amazon with their smartphones). It would seem Best Buy is enacting this new set of policies for similar reasons.

File photo of a Best Buy logo during Thanksgiving Day in San Francisco

But it is not all good news for consumers of the big blue box with the yellow tag, they have also announced they are slashing the return window for all items in half, down to 15 days from 30. This does seem like a fair enough trade off for the convience they are offering not to mention the potential deals. With Best Buy and Target now directly competing with Amazon and other online retailers one has to wonder how this will affect other big box stores such as Wal-Mart and if they too will start to enact similar policies to stay competitive. If they do we will be reporting on them and this new and exciting trend in retail.

Source: Engadget