Battery Widget Reborn to monitor your phone’s battery power


bat2With new smart phones in the market today, everyone wants a good looking, sleek, long lasting, feature packed Smartphone. Consequently, the onus is on the battery to provide power that lasts for hours, despite using power intensive apps like gaming, social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and constant connection to the internet using services of your SIM provider. Managing battery power is harder with the number of services your phone is constantly running. A user has to frequently monitor and kill services that are not being used yet running.

Power management apps help you conserve battery power by controlling services, display and running apps to extend battery life. Among these apps is the Battery Widget Reborn available to Android users on Google’s PlayStore. It is a neat, well defined app that shows you how your battery is being used and how much power you have left. With this app you can switch between different modes like smart and night modes which automatically shut down a few services like Bluetooth, internet connection and others to help conserve battery life.

The app has an elegant layout that is easy to read and understand. Notifications that you have set will inform you about power remaining, power consumed and other information that explain how power has been distributed across various services and apps like battery usage on calls, video, standby and specific apps. The settings feature allows you to customize your power saving mode according to your usage. You can even tweak the display to suit a style that works for you, thicker lines for instance.

With the Battery Widget Reborn app, you get to save power and understand how your battery is consumed, to use the best possible mode that extends battery life for your phone usage.