AWESOME Land Android Game Review

Ever wondered what’s it like to play Super Mario on your Android device? You might want to check out Awesome Land created by FreakZone Games. The title is a wonderful homage to the popular games of the 90’s which includes Super Mario, CastleVania and Mega Man.  In the game credits the developer even mentions that “This retro platform game pays tribute to, and parodies, classics such as Super Mario Bros., CastleVania and Mega Man, in style!”

Awesome Land can now be downloaded over at Google Play for $2.49. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.2 and a storage space of 12 MB.

The story of the game revolves around Manley, a pixelated biker. He is trying to recover his kidnapped motorcycle. The adventure begins as he starts looking for his bike and encounters lots of obstacles over the 25 levels he must go through. The culprits behind this are a bunch of aliens who try their very best to stop Manley.

Playing this title will remind you of playing with your NES back in the 90’s. The graphics are done in vintage 16 bit style complete in every detail down to the pixelations. The metal soundtrack playing in the background complements its old school feel.

The controls are quite simple. On the left side of the screen is the directional pad which lets you move to the left or right. The right side of the screen is where the action button is located that lets you jump.

Just like in Super Mario you will meet all sorts of enemies and the most prominent ones are the ones that look like Goomlas. As far as power ups goes there’s no mushrooms in here instead you will be looking for meat. Unfortunately, once you consume meat you won’t get bigger like in the Mario game.

Overall this is an entertaining game that delivers old school action. It’s not as polished as the Super Mario games but it will definitely give you that nostalgic feeling.

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