AVP: Evolution Android Game Review

Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc. has just released a game which is a spin-off to their popular movie franchise to the Android platform. AVP: Evolution uses the Unity 3D engine which is expected to bring excellent graphics. You get to play as the Predator or the Alien, switching between the two characters depending on the part of the game you are at.

AVP: Evolution is now available for download at Google Play for $4.99. The requirements of the game varies however it is highly recommended that you install this game  on a device with a large screen and powerful hardware to make your gaming experience a pleasant one.

The game takes place in a distant planet where rival Predator clans are fighting for supremacy. In one last attempt to gain the upper hand the Super Predators use the Alien Queen as their weapon against the Jungle Hunter Predators. It is your job as a Jungle Hunter Predator to kill the Alien Queen so that the Super Predators will not gain the advantage. As an Alien your job is to destroy the Super Predators and free your species.

You control the Predator or the alien depending on the part of the game you are in. Both characters have unique sets of abilities however the control pretty much stays the same.  As an Alien you can spit out acid, summon facehuggers or use your long tail to deal damage to your enemies. As a predator you will have access to several weapons such as your wrist blade, shoulder cannon, and the net. More items and unlockables are available to you as you progress to the game.

Some of the game features include

  • Play as an Alien & Predator: Two distinctive gaming experiences, incorporating unique characters with numerous abilities
  • Rich Sci-Fi Universe: A gripping campaign draws players deeper into the world of AVP: EVOLUTION
  • 5 Unique Environments & 24 Levels: Kill or be killed as you advance through the Temple Arena, the Marine Base, the Alien Hive, and more!
  • Upgradeable Characters: Create your own ultimate killing machine with character upgrades and enhanced abilities
  • Unity Graphics Engine: Rich detail, advanced character models and distinctive lighting makes AVP: EVOLUTION a showcase title for new Android phones & tablets

As far as the overall gameplay goes it’s pretty fun to play and if you are a big fan of the Aliens and Predator lore then you shouldn’t miss out on this title.

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