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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems: Most reported issues

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 is not free from problems like any other variants in the United States. While there were many reported problems and errors, majority of them are minor and could be fixed with logical steps and good workarounds. Non techie users, however, are advised to call AT&T customer service support and ask for assistance, although all troubleshooting steps are not as complicated as they may sound.

This post will tackle the most common problems AT&T Galaxy S3 owners have reported. We will provide or recommend solutions and workarounds to solve them. We would want to make it clear that more often we take the safer way to solve issues with the phone. While we want to provide support, we don’t want to overlap with AT&T’s as far as support is concerned. Most of the time, the carrier knows better ways to solve problems their customers have experienced and they have the authority and ability to push updates.

We would also want to give emphasis on power-cycle or rebooting of the device. This is the most common troubleshooting step a user can do and it can really resolve many issues with the phone especially the ones software-related. Rebooting the Galaxy S3 literally means refreshing its memory and re-aligning apps processes.

During boot, the Android operating system, irrespective of the version, will load all necessary system files in their default settings. When the device is fully active, the system loads all user settings. This process alone can eliminate a handful of issues, so don’t underestimate the power of reboot and we hope you understand why we always recommend doing it.

About the Factory Reset, it means that all user data and settings will be deleted so as to bring the device to its original factory settings. Other than reboot, this step is also one of the most effective ways to resolve OS- and software-related issues, although it’s not the ultimate fix for every error.

In this post, we will present five most common problems AT&T Galaxy S3 owners reported in forums and tech communities. Some solutions and workarounds will be provided for users to try, although, we cannot guarantee that all problems will be solved.

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