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AT&T Galaxy Note II Most Common Problems

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of AT&T’s best offerings in 2012. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the Note II had seen tremendous success in the market Samsung is trying to dominate. While there are already so many smartphone and tablet manufacturers fighting over their piece of the pie, not everyone was able to conceive that the market in between those already congested sectors would also become a hit. In fact, Apple followed suit by releasing its new iPad Mini; a little bigger than the iPhone and smaller than the iPad.

The Galaxy Note II has a quad-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz with 2GB RAM . So, as far as performance is concerned, it is the reigning king in the “Phablet” market. However, it is not as perfect as many users would think. In fact, many of its users are currently facing problems and among them are AT&T subscribers.

A couple of days ago, U.S. carrier AT&T rolled out a small update for the device so as to fix the popular Exynos bug that’s affecting Samsung devices that are using the company’s proprietary Exynos chipset. The update was packaged in a file not more than 8MB in size so apparently, there’s nothing more to it than a few bug fixes and lines of codes that could prevent future problems. So, if you haven’t downloaded the most recent update yet, we recommend you do. However small it is, it can still help resolve some problems in your AT&T Galaxy Note II.

And going back to the problems, the most commonly reported issue is with the battery of the device. Others say they have to wait almost a day for the device to be fully-charged, some reported their batteries drain faster than normal. This problem can be really simple, or can be complicated that users have to buy a new charger unit or a spare battery. There are, however, some troubleshooting steps to be done so users would know what the real problem is. Of course, we will tackle that issue in this post.

Other problems we will talk about are:

  • Wallpaper Problems
  • Oversensitive S-Pen
  • Internet Problems

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