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Motorola Atrix HD Tops Customer Satisfaction Poll


In the current age, people often tend to take their phones (smartphones) very seriously. But eventually when the goodness wears out, people slowly begin to notice annoyances. So to know of a device’s actual potential and durability, it would make sense to ask the customers who have used the device for a substantial period of time instead of asking somebody who just got the phone. And apparently in the U.S, Motorola’s Atrix HD is one of the best in terms of customer satisfaction. A poll was conducted among 93,825 users in the U.S which revealed these data. The poll was conducted between July 2012 and January 2013, between which we saw the launch of quite a few smartphones. The Atrix HD bagged a more than decent score of 8.57 while its own Droid Razr M was in the second place with a score of 8.5. The third spot went to the HTC Rezound 4G (8.32), which was another shock entry in the list. The Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Apple iPhone 5 finished at fourth and fifth place respectively.

The accuracy of this report is yet to be confirmed as the results seem to be a little too favorable towards Motorola. But one simply can’t deny the fact that Motorola makes some of the best looking and fairly durable devices which is key for every customer. And since Motorola doesn’t price its devices too steep, there’s no doubt that the customers take an instant liking to it. The same survey from UK however showed a different result altogether with the HTC One X topping the customer satisfaction chart and the Apple iPhone 5 coming in at second. The Samsung Galaxy Note II was third here, while fourth and fifth places went to the Galaxy S III mini and the Galaxy S III.

Part of the reason why Motorola did well in the survey in the U.S could be because of carrier discounts and price reductions that these devices see. Everywhere else in the world, these Motorola devices are available unlocked and for full retail which puts it in the league of all other major flagships. It is however interesting to see that Motorola has managed to sustain in this vastly competitive market despite the steady competition in the marketplace. Bear in mind these figures only shed light on the customer satisfaction which means this has nothing to do with how popular or powerful the device is. Motorola can certainly take inspiration from this and move it along to its team to get the much needed energy and motivation for 2013. The X phone from the company is beginning to make its way to the rumor mill, while its authenticity is still being questioned. Whatever the case, we would certainly like to see the device in action soon which would pretty much put Motorola back on the map again.

Source: One Device Research
Via: Phone Arena

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