Are you ready for The Internship at Google?

The Internship, movie at Google

We all like comedy movies, there is no doubt that. But add comedy with high end technology, and the mix just got better. That is what we are expecting from The Internship, a movie that is just around the corner. The movie stars two of the well known actors in the industry, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. And yes, this is going to be their first movie together after hilarious Wedding Crashers, which we enjoyed for sure.

In The Internship, the duo is going to compete with a bunch of young and techie guys at Google for a shot at employment. Yes, at Google, and that is the best part. We all know that job at Google is considered one of the best jobs in the whole wide world. I would do anything to get hired by Google. And in this new movie, the two guys are going to go crazy.

The plot is like this, the two guys get kicked off their jobs as salesmen because the technology is so great that their services are no more required. And these 40 odd aged men end up at Google for internship. And since these two are unemployed, there need to work hard to get a job here, but there are already other young tech heads to give them a very tough competition at Google.

This movie is going to do a lot more to Google than to itself. Because Google’s Android has been always in comparison with Apple, which is said to easily appeal to the old age. Android, on the other hand, had got limited only to the techies who understand technology. This notion could change with this movie. And hence, this is important to the company.

And since most of the movie is shot at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, this is going to be interesting. But if you watch the trailer, you would feel that the actors are trying too much to portray themselves as old and that they are finding it difficult to fit in. So with all the sex related jokes, tech jokes, and ridiculousness that you can expect from the two of these actors, keep your comedy radar a bit low.

Source: Phone Dog