Apple’s new patent to create thinking phones

Apple is fast moving towards a new era of technology as evidenced by some of the patents it has filed in the last few months.  Known for path-breaking concepts and pioneering technology, the company is scaling new heights with each passing day.  Bigger screens and faster processing is passé. The company is now focused on providing consumers the ultimate robotic experience, the best a phone or tablet can achieve. A patent application recently published reveals attempts by the company to create new situation based behavior modification phone and tablet. Titled “Electronic device with automatic mode switching”, the patent explains how Apple plans to create a device that performs certain tasks based on given situation.

app2The device is to feature embedded sensors that sample the external environment to monitor light, temperature, noise and other conditions to adjust its behavior accordingly. The most impressive feature is that the device requires absolutely no input or User intervention.  It could be as intelligent as to turn on fast thumping music when you are exercising and slow, melodious music to relax you after a hard day. To perform according to user’s tastes habits the device would rely on a host of sensors and truth tables that define values for each individual sensor. The combination of truth table values and environment conditions will decide the action the device has to take. The action could be time based, day based, stimuli based or any combination of these.  The technology is aimed at tablet and phone devices that are portable and these could be forerunners of an era of emotionally intelligent robots that will perceive and react the way humans do.

Fabulous new technology patented by Apple and if it does see the light of the day, the world will soon turn into a new era of man and machine.


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