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Apple’s iOS is catching up with Google’s Android in market share

Market Share of smartphone manufacturers in US for Q4 2012

The analytics firm comScore has released its stats for the first quarter of the last year ending in December. According to these figures, Apple took a good plunge to increase its market share by a whole 2 per cent. The Cupertino based tech giant started out with a market share of 34.3% and ended the year with a market share of 36.3%. But this is only in the United States. On the other hand, there might be some concern for the search engine giant, as its mobile operating system only saw a rise of 0.9% from 52.5% at the end of the quarter ending in September, 2012, to 53.4% at the end of the quarter ending in December, 2012.

“That allowed iOS to cut into Android’s lead by 1.1 percentage points to 17.1 percentage points,” says Phone Arena. When it comes to stats of the world’s two major smart phone manufacturers, the South Korea based Samsung and the Cupertino based Apple, Apple is in the lead with a 36.3% of the market share. It was a 2% hike in the market share during the last quarter of the year. But Samsung, even though it ended with a lesser 21% of control over the market, saw an increase of 2.3% over the last quarter compared to the third quarter. This is a good news for the company as it is finally able to gradually increase its presence. On the other hand, if this continues, Samsung will be on top of Apple in no time.

But since Apple is iOS and iOS is Apple, the market share of Apple in the United States smart phone market is equal to the market share of Apple as a smart phone manufacturer. That is not the case with Samsung as the company is just one other manufacturer in the Android line of smart phones, it is not the only company representing Android.

Source: Phone Arena

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Smartphone market share Q4 2012

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