Apple settles in-app purchase lawsuit

Apple in app purchase confirmation

If you are a parent with an IOS based device and you have kids at home who play games on these devices, you would be careful about in app purchases, because you do not want those kids to buy something in the games they play with real money. Well, this is not a concern now, because you can just shut off the feature, or you can configure the smart phone to ask you for a password before making any such purchases. But before the iOS 4.3 was released, this was a major concern.

If you followed Apple’s iOS for long enough, you would know that the company had led itself to problems with in app purchases. A lot of game development houses started using in app purchases in their games for people to buy super powers, or extra life, so something like that. And kids, minors, would not know that they are spending real money on these. So, they would just buy virtual stuffs with real money. And when parents got their bills, it was a shock.

Apple had to then deal with a lawsuit over this and it has been finally settled now, it had started in 2011. The Cupertino tech giant has agreed to provide iTunes gift cards to parents who have claimed less than $30, and for people who have claimed more than $30, the company is giving an option to refund cash as well.

The proposed settlement comes after parents sued Apple in 2011 upon discovering that their minor children had racked up credit card charges in supposedly free games. The issue was the subject of a Daily Show feature about a father whose kids racked up hundreds of dollars to keep virtual fish alive in a game called “Tap Fish.”


In order to collect under the settlement, Apple users will have to attest that a minor bought “game currency” and that the user did not provide the minor with the Apple password.

Source: Mac Rumors

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