Apple now second in iTunes and accessory sales after Samsung

Apple second in sales after Samsung

Apple started as a personal computers company. The company started selling personal computers installed with software that the company developed itself. This was the primary source of revenue (may be the only source of revenue) when the Steve pair started the company decades back. But today, as statistics show, Apple’s personal computer business is in the last on the list of revenue generating products and services that the company is offering. On the top, iTunes and accessories, and iPhones, and what not.

In the last quarter alone, the sales on Apple’s iTunes alone made a lot of money. If you consider only software sales from the iTunes App Store and leave out the hardware sales, that alone is way bigger than any other smart phone manufacturer in the world, but of course not Samsung. Now, as it seems to be the case, Samsung is the only company which has higher sales in the smart phone world than Apple.

If you see the graph provided here by Asymco, you can see that Apple’s sales have been higher than Google’s Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, and others in almost all of the four quarters of last year. And this curve is growing in favor of Apple. Apple Insider writes:

It further noted that Apple’s “other” businesses are now roughly equal to Microsoft’s revenues from its Windows or Business (Office, SharePoint and Exchange) Divisions, and more than a billion dollars greater than Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division (which sells the Xbox, Windows Phone and related products and accessories).

Also, the Cupertino tech giant is now making twice as much money from iTunes apps and services as it is making by selling iPods. The graph here has not plotted Samsung, or we would have known where the South Korean competitor stands. If Samsung does not maintain its integrity and dedication, Apple will be easily the king of the market pretty soon.

Source: Apple Insider

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