Apple iOS, reloaded or renewed?


If rumors are to be believed, Apple is looking to revise its iOS, which has been receiving updates and enhancements so far. But open positions advertising the need for a professional to help ‘reimage’ Apple’s iOS has led tech specialists to believe that Apple is looking at a complete makeover of its operating system.

The first iPod introduced the iOS and drew people away from web-based interfacing to touch-based interface. At the time, the interface was new, innovating, cutting-edge and unexplored. With Apple heralding the era of touch, other phone players followed suit. Soon every new Smartphone and tablet moved to the same interface, ushering a new era of touch. However with the release of operating systems like Microsoft’s Windows 8 and BlackBerry, basic services like email and file explore have undergone extensive work to reinvent the way these services look and perform. In comparison, Apple’s services have remained pretty much the same from the first iOS to the current iOS6.0 available in the latest iPhone 5 series.

Users and gadget gurus have been calling for an iOS revision for some time now. Not just enhancement but a complete revision of the look and feel of the operating system, with competitor and third party apps for similar features offering a beautiful and streamlined look.

Apple already has brilliant apps that strive to reflect the real world like the calendar app that features fake stitches and tear-away pages that looks like a real calendar. This kind of functionality combined with a new and powerful OS will definitely spur Apple’s growth in phone markets. The company is known for revolutionary new technology, and going by its track record, the new OS with apps like Siri will definitely be received well by the gadget community.

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