Apple improves Textilus for better performance and user convenience

Textilus is an iPad app that lets you create documents in RTF (Rich Text Format), Already equipped with a swell set of features, this app has been issued yet another update, no doubt of great interest and value to customers. This new update introduces new features and improves on existing functionality.

text2First, the app now provides snapshots. You can take a “snapshot” of the document you are currently working on using the wrench icon. The new update saves the current version of the document in storage. If you require retrieving the older version of the document, you can browse through your snapshots to display the version you are looking for.

Another interesting feature introduces a trash folder that allows you to discard documents to the trash folder. A major advantage of this feature is that you do not permanently lose a document if you accidently hit delete. You can always restore it from your trash folder.

The last update is an improved browser that allows you to work with dropbox and local folders to delete or duplicate documents using the item detailed view. In addition to these apps, the Textilus update aims to improve performance and stability of the app.

This new update is purely for iPad and is available for iOS 5.1 and above. Available in the Apple store for $4.99, there is also a free update for the app.