Apple Announces Its Newest Fourth-Generation, 128GB IPad

128GB shopping soon at the Apple Store

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Anthony Wing Kosner of Forbes online magazine wrote an article some weeks ago on the benefit of a 128GB iPad. He was not the first to suggest the idea, but he was one of the first to write on the benefit of a 128GB and how it would help Apple in the long run. One day prior to Apple’s 128GB iPad announcement, tech writers took to discussions over Apple’s typical pattern of increasing memory storage every two years. Apparently, Apple started increasing the memory of its iPhones, but then brought the same approach of memory increase to its iPads. The last major update for the iPad took place when the iPad 2 was announced. Now, with the fourth-generation iPad being the latest iteration of the company’s hot-selling tablet, Apple wants to do it again: turn up the memory storage a notch with a record 128GB iPad.

Tech writers discovered evidence that convinced them of Apple’s newest fourth-generation iteration this week when they spotted new Apple products bearing the word “ULTIMATE” in the product description at an American retail store. Apple has always labeled its products “good,” “better,” and “best” to refer to the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions. Ultimate, thus, takes Apple’s labeling one step further and led tech writers to believe that the newest iPad would come with 128GB. To add to the suspicion, iDownloadblog writer and Twitter member [email protected] decided to publish an announcement on his Twitter wall that says, “We should be seeing 128GB iDevices soon. iOS6.1 beta 5 has 128G system partition key in BuildManifest.” You can go here to view the BuildManifest code language. This was intended to spark discussion, since Apple does nothing without reason. As usual, the tech world was correct – Apple made the announcement yesterday. The new 128GB iPad will cost $799 for the Wi-Fi version and $929 for the cellular version and will come to and Apple’s retail stores on February 5th.

Steve Jobs always said that Apple’s agenda was to arrive at a “Post-PC” America where mobile tablets would be the preferred form of Internet access, rather than the PC or laptop. The iPad with 128GB will now make Jobs’s prediction a reality. Hopefully in the future, Apple will emerge with 256GB and 512GB iPad versions, allowing customers even greater freedom to use their iPad as an all-in-one source for gaming, movies, music, Internet, notetaking, appointments, research, and other business needs.

There has been some discussion about Apple’s reasons for issuing a revamped fourth-generation iPad with 128GB this late in the game. Why provide a 128GB fourth-generation tablet when the company will produce a fifth-generation iPad and bring it to market this July? Some say that Apple is doing this out of tradition. Others say that the company is doing this to generate more funds in-between now and five months in the future. Since the company is worried about its investors and support for the brand, Cupertino reasons that to issue a fourth-generation model providing the type of memory storage that customers want is enough to get some additional purchases under the company’s belt that may restore investor confidence somewhat. It is interesting to note that, according to James Trew of Engadget, Apple opponent Samsung has introduced 128GB flash storage into its devices last Fall – leading many to think that this is a strategy whereby Apple wants to compete with Samsung on yet another level (in addition to the company’s so-called budget iPhone that is due to hit stores as early as Fall 2013).

While Apple made its announcement yesterday, the company has planned to transition to its 128GB memory storage for some time. Mark Gurman of 9to5mac notes the following in his examination of Apple codes:

“We understand that this 128GB code is also found in iOS6.1 beta 3, which was released in early December.” (Gurman, “Rumored Future iOS device evidence: 128GB device code,” 9to5mac)

This means that the plan was always in the works. While some may read this post and think, “who cares about what Apple planned, all we want is the announcement,” tech analysts deem Apple’s foreshadowed plans significant because it helps them determine what types of actions Apple will plan in the future. We know that someday, in the next two years, Apple may release a 256GB iPad and iPhone so that customers can do even more with their iDevices. Summer and Fall 2013 are exuding more and more interest with each passing day.

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