App Developers Find Favorable Ground With The Android Platform In 2013

Android-AppA number of active surveys, reports and studies are indicating the noticeable dominance of Android in the app world. With more and more operating systems to choose from app developers are selecting the most profitable and rewarding ones to gain from their efforts. Android is as of now, proved to be the pen-ultimate choice of the app developer community.

IDC Findings

According to the Q4 report of Appcelerator and IDC, it states that app developers prefer Android and iOS operating systems over any other. The interest of the app developers has remained unchanged since Q3 with only a marginal shift of just 2-3% points. This is indeed, great news for Android as it is pushing efforts to overtake the app market and lead innovation in the time to come. The report further mentions that app developers are keen to build more apps in 2013 for categories such as business, education, finance, productivity, medical, and mobile money.

A Move Away From Apple

The IDC report in a discouraging finding has stated that Apple is making app submission and monetization procedures very difficult for app developers, with its closed door policy. With its new series of devices like iPhone 5 and iPad mini has led to multiple fragmentation issues amongst its developers. The increase in the screen sizes of these devices up to 6 has piled up the existing work load of developers as they have to develop apps for new devices. Moreover, it is quite difficult for users to locate apps on iOS devices as the IDC report. Around 19% of developers in the survey think Apple hasn’t done enough to help with that device fragmentation.

Google’s Nexus Tablet

The survey confirms that, more than 53% of app developers are very interested in working on apps for Google Nexus tablet. App developers are hopeful that this device from Google will be able to tackle the dual issues of developer fragmentation and inconsistent performance of Android devices. If the future predictions of Ian Schenkel, CEO of European app developer EuroSmartz is to be believed that the coming year or two will foresee consolidation among the app developer community; then, Google’s Nexus Tablet is a welcome change in that direction.

Android Competition Deepens

In a move, to ignite competition among the Android app developer community Amazon has launched a virtual currency for Android app developers. It will be quite intriguing to watch the tough competition between Android and Google Play contrary to Amazon coins. The purpose of such a currency launch is to foster in-app purchases. However, this move has good potential to misbalance the Android system and in turn prove fruitful for Android app developers, end users and off course Amazon App Store. The Coin SDK will offer features such as data points for apps and information on tactics that help them generate income. Only time will tell how this move affects the Android app developer community at large.

To wrap it up

As per another study conducted by Developer Economics 2013: The Tools Report; Android continues to lead mobile developer mindshare, with 72% of developers now developing for the platform with iOS showing a 5% point drop in Mindshare. Not only does Android offer a fertile platform app development to the app developer community but it stands second only to Apple in ad-monetization via eCPM. This has been confirmed by MoPub survey which states that Android tablets had the second highest eCPM in the first week of January at $1.05 second only to Apple. Thus, Android is gradually making its way to the big stage.

Author Bio: Logan Marra works for,  a leading Android apps developer company located in Los Angeles. He likes playing beach volleyball with his friends. He also enjoys making pencil sketches in his spare time.

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