Another lockscreen vulnerability found on iOS 6.1

Enter Passcode screen on iPhone

A few days back, we had seen a flaw in Apple’s new mobile  operating system, iOS 6.1, which would grant access to user data for an intruder even if the smart phone is protected with a passcode. This flaw would give the intruder access to the phonebook and the image gallery to the intruder. This is a major flaw and the Cupertino tech giant has already publicly acknowledged this, and has said that it will fix the issue soon.  But today, we have another similar flaw, but a more serious one.

In the new discovered flaw with the iPhone makers’ iOS 6.1, the user gets access to all the personal and important data stored on the smart phone just by connecting the smart phone to a computer using USB. And this can be done even if the smart phone is protected by passcode, the procedure simply does not need it. You may try this with your iPhone running iOS 6.1.

The Cupertino tech giant, as already mentioned, is working on a fix for the flaw already. But it is not sure if the company knows about this new flaw or not. There is also a possibility that this flaw and the first flaw are due to the same loophole, and fixing one might just close the door to others as well. We have to see that though.

And security is very important for Apple now that Samsung is also advertising its new Knox platform for the corporate folks. If Apple continues to have such silly flaws which lead to very easy access to private and important data, there is no doubt that the corporate is going to think again about its smart phone choices. And, to make things more interesting, BlackBerry is replying to Samsung’s enterprise solution (SAFE), with its own services that it has in store for so many years, which is a fully developed and long tested product.

Source: TUAW

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