Android Users Needs To Worry Less about Phone Recovery for Lost Devices

lost androidThe first instinct for mobile users is to protect their Android phones by setting up a password so no one other than the owner can have access to the device. This is a smart move but it also has its disadvantages. While the worst in us would assume that there are no good Samaritans left in this world who would rather return the phone than keep it to themselves, there is still hope for mankind. Sure, there are those who make a career out of cracking other phones but instead of pushing the finder to do that, there is a simple way for the person to give you back your phone without resorting to cracking passwords on Android phones.

For Android 4.0 users, the chances of recovering a lost phone are increased. The solution comes in the form of a lock-screen contact information. Anyone who comes across your phone can safely return it to you without entering a password or PIN since the message will already be displayed on a password-protected Android phone.

To set this up, browse the Settings option on your phone and look for the Lock Screen setting. Other models might have it under different sections like the Security tab so make sure to explore similar options on your device to find it. Once you’ve found the Lock Screen setting, head to the Owner Information where you can put all the necessary information that you think can make it easier for the person to find you if he or she locates your Android phone. An email address, an alternative phone number, and of course, your name is a must. If you prefer to have an “emergency recovery” number instead, set up a Google Voice number just so your private and personal number won’t be displayed to others on the lock screen. Check the Show owner info on lock screen to apply the new settings and then click OK. It’s as simple as that.

While this puts your mind at ease that unauthorized access to your device’s data will be prevented, download other apps that could increase the security of your phone. It’s nice to have a back-up but of course, don’t always rely on the kindness of strangers. Prevent the loss of your Android phone by keeping it safely tucked inside your purse or bag when in public. Take it out only when you are sure that you’re in a safe environment. Losing your smartphone is one of the worst things that can happen in this day and age when technological dependence is at its peak.

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