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Android malware hacks PC and records audio

DroidCleaner Android and PC Malware

If you are using at least one Android device, which is rare if you are an Android fan boy, you are at risk of infecting your Android smart phone or tablet with malwares. That was well known till now. But recently, an app in the Android Play Store has been detected which will even infect your Windows computer and send data from your computer back to the programmer of the app.

Yes, this is true. The app in the Android Play Store in question is the DroidCleaner. The app which masquerades as a cleaner app does almost the opposite of that. Just on your Android device, the malware is capable of doing the following:

  • Sending SMS messages
  • Enabling Wi-Fi
  • Gathering information about the device
  • Opening arbitrary links in a browser
  • Uploading the SD card’s entire contents
  • Uploading an arbitrary file (or folder) to the master’s server
  • Uploading all SMS messages
  • Deleting all SMS messages
  • Uploading all the contacts/photos/coordinates from the device to the master

But after doing this much on your Android smart phone or tablet, the malware gets onto your Windows computer as well for some more damage. Once the app runs on your Android device, it downloads three new files to the root directory of your Android device. After this, when you connect this Android device to your personal computer running any version of the Windows operating system, the app copies or installs the additional files that it downloaded. This will then be a backdoor which runs on your computer collecting data are sending it to the programmer.

The backdoor is capable of controlling the mic on the computer to record any input it can get. This recording will then be sent to the programmer so that he can eavesdrop on all your conversations. Luckily, Kaspersky anti virus has detected the threat and reported it so that numerous potential victims can be saved from this attack. So, if you have installed this DroidCleaner app on your Android device, it is time to get rid of it.

Source: Gizmodo

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