Android apps sneaked illegally into BlackBerry app world


Developers on the Android forum are registering discontent about their apps being sold without their consent on the BlackBerry store. Apps written for Android are being picked, repackaged and shipped to BB’s app store with a price revision which quotes up to three times the original price. The creators name is also removed to reflect the pirate’s name. Developers are frustrated by the illegal porting of their apps from Android to BlackBerry.

BB had announced that it would make it easier for Android developers to migrate their apps to its store for the benefit of BlackBerry users. While this is a welcome move for developers and consumers alike, pirated porting has cause both operating systems, developers and app users a lot of problems. Consumers who download these apps find that they do not run as expected since they were designed for Android and have been optimized for that operating system. It is only when a consumer registers a complaint for support that a developer becomes aware of his app being ported to BB. In many cases, conversion of Android’s APK format to BB’s BAR format is incorrect and this causes compatibility issues with the app and BB OS.

BlackBerry has issued a statement assuring developers it will take down any apps from its store that are not trademarked and Copyright labeled. It will also make every effort to crack down on app piracy and protect developers from illegal porting of their apps. The developer community suggests surfing the BB store frequently to pick apps that have been illegally migrated to BlackBerry’s app world. Until a stringent law can be framed, developers will have to make sure they inform app stores about illegal and incompatible apps.

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