Amazon outperforms Apple and Google to become the Most Reputable Company in U.S

According to survey that was conducted across 60 major companies, Amazon has grabbed the top spot, and has been acknowledged as America’s most reputable company.

The 2013 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient scaled the reputations of top companies in the United States on six different criteria- social responsibility; emotional appeal; financial performance; products and services; vision and leadership; and workplace environment. The opinions of more than 14,000 people were cited, and a report was drawn.

Amazon topped the charts in Emotional Appeal and Products & Services categories, grabbing a handsome score of 85.00 and 85.02, respectively. Amazon also secured a top-5 finish in four out of five categories, sparing Social Responsibility, where it lagged behind the likes of Google, Walt-Disney and Whole Foods Market.

Overall, Amazon’s aggregate score was 82.62 out of 100. It’s the fifth straight year, when it has managed to score an 80+ grade.  The second placed Apple scored 82.54 out of 100, and lost the top-spot by merely a few points. Last year, Apple had grabbed the top-spot in the survey with an aggregate score of 85.62. Google, who had finished second, last year, took the fourth spot by scoring 81.32 points.

Robert Fronk, executive vice president of Reputation Management at Harris Interactive said, “Our results show that Amazon has managed to build an intimate relationship with the public without being perceived as intrusive. And as the company that is so widely known for its personal recommendations, more than 9 in 10 members of the public would recommend Amazon to friends and family.”

We’re not sure if the survey truly reflects the actual market sentiments, but we’re rest assured that Amazon is the one of the most pleasant companies in the world. And, that, it deserves the reverent status, hands down.

Walt Disney stood at the 3rd position, Sony finished 8th, Samsung was placed 11th, and Microsoft was number 15 on the countdown. Other companies that made it to the Top 60 include the likes of Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, AT&T, Best Buy, and Facebook.

Via: CNETImage Credit: Harris Interactive

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