All LinkedIn employees get iPad Minis

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Wiener

If you work at LinkedIn, yesterday was a happy day for you. That is because the company’s CEO handed out brand new Apple iPad Minis to all his employees, all 3,500 of them. Yes, the company gave out 3,500 iPad Minis to each and every one its employees. This means that the company not only helps so many people outside of it get jobs, but also makes its own employees happy.

But why the iPad Minis? Well, moving documents between the employees becomes easy with small devices such as the iPad Mini. And the device is not so small that you cannot do anything productive on it. You can easily edit documents on its, create presentations, and even present those presentations.

The company can be actually a bit more productive with such a device. If you see the history of the tech world back to a couple of years, you will see a lot of companies giving out iPads and other tablets to their employees to make their work more productive. Also, if you have such a device and if you are allowed to carry it home, by default you agree to work from home, even after a full day of work at your office. That is one of the hidden meanings in such giveaways at work, but employees mask the already invisible meaning with the happiness of getting a gadget to play with.

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Wiener, used to work at Yahoo! with Brad Garlinghouse. Brad Garlinghouse now runs his own company as well, YouSendIt. And Brad also handed out new iPad Mini to every one of his employees over last year’s holiday. So LinkedIn is not the only company doing it now.

iPads are preferred in corporate offices as well over Android tablets. You do not usually see a company giving out Nexus 10’s or Galaxy Tab’s to their employees, you almost always see iPads.

Source: TUAW

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