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All LG phone together at the MWC

LG's smart phone range at the MWC 2013

LG has a pretty big line of smart phones this year to show off at its stall at the Mobile World Congress. But what is new? Almost nothing. I say this because just a few days before the event started, we knew exactly what the company was going to offer. We saw a lot of rumors about the smart phones almost a month before the event, and as more and more rumors started showing up on the internet, making each and every product of the company public before the official announcement at the Mobile World Congress, the South Korean tech giant just announced the smart phones.

So what are we getting at the company’s stall at the event? A hands on with these cool new smart phones. That is all. And since we know all the smart phones that are going to be released soon to the market, the company has laid down a big line of smart phones at the event for the attendees to play with. But let us have a look at what are the smart phones we are talking about.

There are four new series of smart phones. The LG F series has three smart phones in it to begin with, the LG F3, the LG F5, and the LG F7. This L series of smart phone is a mid range smart phone line, but with decent spec sheets, especially for the F7. Next, there is the second generation of the L series of smart phones, known as the L series II. These are low end smart phones, and there are three of them again, the LG L3 II, the LG L5 II, and the LG L7 II.

The company has put down the Vu series of smart phones for the display as well. But without anything new, we have the original Vu and the recently released Vu 2. Next, there is the company’s higher end series of smart phones, the G series. The G series has the old Optimus G on the display, and the company’s first 1080p smart phone, the LG Optimus G Pro. The Optimus G II is also just around the corner.

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