Adobe working on a voice driven app to edit images


Adobe special effects whiz is working on an app called PixelTone that will edit your photos and images – with voice commands. Adobe in collaboration with the University of Michigan, calls the app ‘A multimodal interface for image editing’. Everything you did with touch is now possible with voice, with PixelTone’s fantastic new capabilities!

You can issue a voice command and PixelTone will immediately obey, sometimes displaying options for fine tuning. It does not require camera specific terminology or Android specific instructions. The app works perfectly well with general English and instructions. Commands like ‘Increase the brightness of this image’ will be accepted and executed smoothly. In addition to image correction, the app provides a number of filters for different looks – like the retro look, night, day, sepia, black and white and other interesting filters. The best part about this app is that users will be able to edit not only the entire snap but will be able to work with a portion of the image to improve, distort, or rework it as desired- a brilliant feature to have in an image editing app.

Users have been limited to creating filters or editing images with apps that are shipped with Apple or with those downloaded from Google’s PlayStore or BlackBerry’s app world. PixelTone is the complete package from Adobe to edit your image in every way possible. Filters, tones, contrast, brightness, color depth and a host of other variations, PixelTone offers fun ways to work with images. And the icing to the cake is voice control operation of this app! The power of sophisticated software, the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator packed into your handheld device, run by voice input! Adobe, take a bow!