Adobe Photoshop Touch Released For Android Smartphones

One of the world’s most popular photo editing software for the PC has just been released made available for Android devices. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most favored software used by professionals and amateurs to edit photos using a PC. Adobe Photoshop Touch aims to bring the powerful editing tools of the software to your smartphone.

This newly released app is now available for download at Google Play for $5. You will need a device running on at least Android 4.0 and a storage space of 20 MB for this to run.

Almost all of the features available on the tablet version of this app is available in this newly released smartphone version. Adobe is even giving users a free 2 GB of cloud storage via Creative cloud.

Some of the key features available are

  • Layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters
  • Tone and color adjustments
  • Painting effects, filter brushes, and more
  • Make images pop with graphical text. Apply strokes, add drop shadows and fades
  • Unique Camera Fill feature
  • Quickly combine images together
  • Start a project on your phone and finish it on your tablet or back in Photoshop at your desk
  • Images up to 12 megapixels are supported

The app also allows you to instantly share your creations to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

One feature that a lot of people will definitely love is that you can start a project on one device and finish it on another. Let’s say you start a project on your desktop, you can continue finishing the project on your mobile device.

One thing we didn’t like about this though is that if you are a tablet user and want this app to be installed in your smartphone you will have to re-purchase it again. That’s paying twice for an almost identical app.

Despite this it is still a very useful app to have especially if you are into photo editing.

via Google Play

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