Addressing the Video Slow Down Issues witnessed in Smartphones

smartphone videoWhen it comes to the video technology, most of the Smartphone have been encountering a hard time. This is somehow absurd considering the fact that we have been making some major strides in the overall technology sector. Steps which issues such as the fragmentation and video slow down problems should not be contentious issues. Research has established that mobile phone video traffic has been steadily increasing and it is believed that by 2017 the entire mobile video traffic will be at two thirds of the entire trafficking data.

Some of the big players in the mobile industry e.g. the iOS platform are trying to address this issue and currently they are the only operating system which has a kind of decent video viewing technology. The Android platform despite being very prominent in the market has yet to bring any brilliance when it comes to video technology. In fairness, they are actually lurking behind. Most of their video viewing experiences are filled with fragmentation problems which makes the entire affair a rather sad one.

While iOS has tried to embrace the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and ABR technologies, the Android platform has chosen to stick to the RTSP streaming option while at the same time adopting the HLS option but rather in a limited way. This is the main reason why with most of the Android devices, you are likely to encounter fragmentation hitches.

The solution to this problem lies before us. It is upon the media companies to join forces. If these companies can cut down on some of their egos and consolidate their efforts towards the unification of all video standards, then this problem can be a thing of the past. Adopting the MPEG-DASH video standard can be major step in the right direction.

In case a uniform video standard is adopted across all the mobile platforms, there would be fewer disparities between the video formats. This would eventually lead to a seamless video streaming experience.

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