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5 Reasons to Wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Anyone who is abreast with all the developments in the telecommunication industry especially when it comes to smartphones will tell you that the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone was an instant game changer when it was launched.  Although there were some smartphones with far better hardware specs than the SIII after it was released, the phone was a perfect combination of software, hardware and design, hence the reason it topped the charts as the bestselling and most preferred smartphone in 2012.

Since the SIII was launched, all eyes have been on Samsung on what else they can do to give us a better smartphone – one better than the best.  The Samsung Galaxy SIV has been a rumor for far too long.  It is now almost a reality.  As a matter of fact, we already have a release date rumor – March 15th.  According to Sammy, invitations to the launch of the company’s flagship smartphone will be sent out right after the 2013 Mobile World Congress.  European countries will probably be the first to lay hands on the SIV – most likely towards the end April.  Kenya and other African countries, Americas and Australia should get the first shipments of the SIV sometime in May or June.

The SIII is still a hit, with its sales still up on the charts.  Some people may choose to still but an SIII at this time but shouldn’t you wait for the SIV instead of buying the SIII?  Why?  This post highlights some reasons why it will be worth waiting for the SIV rather than buy the SIII or some other high end Android smartphone.


a) Just 2 months

HTC is getting ready to launch their next flagship smartphone HTC M7 or to give it a friendlier name, HTC One.  This is one impressive smartphone that anyone could easily settle for when looking for a high performance smartphone from a reliable and reputable company.  Most may be tempted to go for this phone rather than wait to get the SIV but my logic is, the SIV will be coming in less than 2 months – hopefully.  If you are a Samsung fan this will be no question, but if you just want a high end smartphone, why not go with one from a global company with track record of amazing phone designs, hardware and fame?  If Samsung will launch the SIV in marc and makes it available in April, then there is just 2 months between now and one of the most anticipated smartphones ever.


b) Amazing Screen

HTC One is said to come with a full HD 4.7 inch AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, the same resolution that the SIV is said to come with.  On this front though, I will compare the SIV with its predecessor, the SIII.  The current Samsung flagship smartphone has a 4.7 inch screen with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels which is not a full HD.  Its successor though is expected to feature a high definition screen of 5 inches and a display density of 441 pixels per square inch, an upgrade from the 306 pixels per inch that the SIII boasts of.  If you ask me, the screen resolution and capacity alone is a good reason to wait a couple of months to buy the SIV rather than buy the SIII if you haven’t bought it yet.


Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

They say that a smartphone, or any other phone or computing gadget for that matter, is more of its software than the hardware.  If the SIV actually does come to the market in April or May as rumored, there is a high possibility that it will come with Android’s next major installment of operating system, 5.0.  We already speculate that the next Android OS will go by the name Key Lime Pie and is expected to be a major improvement from the current 4.2 Jelly Bean.  At this time, we just have to guess what possibly the next Android OS will feature – a simpler interface? Amazing interaction features?  Gesture user interface?  If the SIV will come with Android 5.0, I assure you it is worth waiting for it to hit the market before buying your next smartphone.


Frequent Updates

There are manufacturers who are still releasing smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – a very old operating system by current standards.  Fortunately, Samsung is not one of those companies that unleash a powerful device but with outdated operating system.  Samsung is one of the few companies that actually update their software and especially operating system fast.  Even if the SIV comes with Jelly Bean you can be sure that the company will be among the first to upgrade the SIV to Key Lime Pie as soon as it is available.  The company also has a good track record of fixing bugs and rolling out optional updates, a good example being the powerful multi-window view feature on the SIII and Note II that the company rolled out last year.

 Samsung Galaxy SIV

Better carrier options

One of the things that made the Samsung Galaxy SIII the most preferred and successful smartphones is the fact that it was available across all the major carriers in the US on launch and an unlocked version being sold on the internet and in local stores.  HTC will be making their next flagship smartphone the HTC One or M7 available on three major carriers – Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.  If you are on Verizon, you have the option to wait for a couple of months or buy the Droid DNA – an option that doesn’t look so good.  Samsung never fumbles its launches unlike LG, and this gives them an edge.  We are not sure yet how the SIV will land on the market but if history is anything to go by, the phone will be available on contract on all major carriers and an unlocked version available for those who want one.


I know the Samsung Galaxy SIV will be one killer device, and I am waiting for it.  If you want to buy a smartphone, LG just released their flagship smartphone the LG Optimus G Pro; HTC is going to announce their flagship smartphone HTC One (M7) in a few hours.  But I would say give it a few weeks to get the SIV, a smartphone I expect will outdo any other smartphone currently in the market.  We just hope that Samsung will not give the US market a raw deal like they did with the release of the SIII where the US version came with a dual-core processor while the international version boasted of a quad-core processor.  For now, we just wait and see.

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