3D Printing in Mashup Creation

Free Universal Construction Kit

When you want to create something of your own by using things which are already created, you need to take permission from the creators of those other things before using them for creating your things. And you can use them only if you get their permission. And in the world of music, videos, and photos, it is very rare to get permission from an artist or a production house to use their intellectual property for creating something of our own. And this art of remixing a bunch of things and creating something new is called a mashup.

There are a lot of people in every corner of the world today who know very well how to remix a song or add visual effects to videos and photos to make them a bit funkier. This is a very bright field for bread earning. But the only problem is using the intellectual property of others. And if you do not get the permission, you are not allowed to use any part of another photo, video, or music in your remix version. This restricts the art by the very core nature of remix and these artists find it very difficult to showcase their ability and earn money.

But in the physical world, which is outside of the computer and the internet, intellectual property is not a big problem. A patent can only last for 20 years, and you will definitely find things which are way older than 20 years. And 3D printing is proving very helpful in this field. The 3D printing technology allows you to print anything you want made of plastic. So you can print out a bunch of physical objects which are out of the patent world and mashup something with those things.

For example, the Free Universal Construction Kit shown in the image remixes 10 different construction toys into adaptors that make them interoperable. And since these are functional objects, these are not protected by any copyright laws. You can easily mash these up. And the only thing stopping you is the knowledge of what things are protected by copyright and what are not. You can learn about that in Public Knowledge’s latest whitepaper over here.

Source: Tech Crunch

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