2nd gen Google Glass will have two displays

Google Project Glass version 2 patent application image

If you have been planning on buying the awesome Google Glass for $1,500, we have a reason for you to wait for a bit longer. And the reason is that the search engine giant is working on an even better Glass, which is the second version of the Google Glass which we have seen so far. The company had filed for a patent at the US Patent and Trade Office in the third quarter of 2011, and the office made the application public today. The application is titled “Google Project Glass Part 2.″

This new version of the Google Glass has two binoculars in each side of the glass, and this binocular Heads up Display (HUD), will create an augmented reality experience for the wearer. The engineering that is going into the second version of the Glass is just intense, and very complex. The left and the right displays need to be in sync for the augmented reality to work properly or there would be no meaning to it. And this alignment may vary from person to person. And also, the deformation of the binocular Head Mounted Display (HMD). Slash Gear writes:

To counteract the “binocular HMD deformation”, there may be several changes made to the new Google Glass. The lower display ports (labeled 140A & 140B in the image above) may be removed, as well as upper display ports (labeled 135A & 135B). There could be alterations to the frames 105A & 105B themselves in order to make them more rigid. Google has also implemented a quadrant photo-detector that will measure any misalignment between the right and left displays of the HMD.

There is no news if the Mountain View based company has already started working on this, or about the release date of this second version of the glass. But when we get such news or anything else related to anything tech, we will keep you updated.

Source: Slash Gear

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