ZTE Nubia Z7 to have 6.3-inch screen


ZTE launched its ultra high end smartphone, the Nubia Z5, last month. The handset comes in black or white, and has a 5-inch 1080p touch screen with a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and 443 PPI which is manufactured by Sharp. What’s interesting is that the device is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and a 2,300mAh battery. What’s more? It comes with a 13 megapixels shooter on the rear along with added software features such as panoramic and continuous shooting. Other features include a 2 megapixels shooter on the front, 2 gig of RAM, and 32 gig of ROM and Dolby sound technology. Since it’s coming from a Chinese company such as ZTE, you would think it would come with a very cheap price tag, but that’s not the case here. The device costs $554 (3,456 yuan) and will be the company’s flagship phone for this season. The device most probably won’t be making to the US, but we get the Grand S, which is another high end device from the company with similar features.

Since the current trend is to launch phones with more than 5 inch of display, ZTE is giving it a serious thought since Grand S obviously lacks that. The 6.1 inch Huawei Ascend Mate was a stunner and it has the biggest screen available on smartphones. Apparently it will not because ZTE is working on a bigger phone, with a 6.3 inch screen.

We have some leaked renders of the phone, and yep, it’s a monster. The screen should obviously have high resolution because without that it won’t be standing out of crowd. If rumors are true, the screen will have a high resolution of 2560 x 1440. To match that kind of resolution, it will be complemented by an 8-core processor running at 1.4Ghz. If that wasn’t enough, the device will supposedly have 128 gig of ROM. Other highlights include a Mali-T658 GPU, 4000mAh battery, 16 mega-pixel camera, Android 5.0, and LTE support.
The phone sounds awesome on paper, but we’re not sure whether the phone will be launched with that kind of specs. Besides, as the more inches game progresses, we will ultimately have tablets that are phones or phones that are tablets. This is getting confusing day by day because a 6.1 inch phone would definitely not fit into an average pocket size. With the 6.3 inch screen, you would need a kangaroo pouch to carry around this device. I think 6.3 inch screen size should be the cap because more inches will put it into the tablet category, in fact you cannot carry such a phone around you all the time, and phones are meant to be with you as a means of communication.

I’m not sure whether the company will be using a home grown 8 core processor because there are many factors that affect the final performance. The clock frequency tells nothing about the performance of the chip, so the true face of the device will be known on the benchmarks if at all the company launches the device. What’s your opinion?

Source: GizChina

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