Sony Xperia HuaShan C5303 Leaks in a Series of Images


Sony’s Xperia Z is one of the most talked about smartphones today, which is until RIM announces the BlackBerry Z10 and other BlackBerry 10 smartphones (if any) at tomorrow’s NYC event. But it seems like Sony doesn’t want to be out of news just yet as one of its new smartphones has surfaced showing off all its design elements. We’re treated to the front, back and the side portions of the smartphone, and we can easily make out that this is no high end device but one of Sony’s several mid ranged droids planned for 2013. The smartphone has appeared in the rumor mill a few times with the name “HuaShan” and this is the same smartphone bearing the C5303 model number.



The images don’t give out the details on the exact hardware specs of the smartphone, but we are told that it packs a 4.3-inch HD display along with a 1.7 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 (MSM8960T) chipset, possibly with 1GB of RAM. One of the images shows us that the smartphone will pack Android 4.1.2 by default right out of the box. A 1,800 mAh battery pack is rumored to be onboard as well. The body of the smartphone is distinctly different from the Xperia Z, but the hardware buttons remind us instantly of the new Xperia flagship, especially with the lock/unlock button located at the right hand side of the device. There is a dedicated camera shutter key as well, so don’t expect the sensor to be any smaller than 8MP. The HuaShan also appears to have a front facing camera located on the top left. So it’s got all the prerequisites required in what we consider a mid/top tier smartphone.


Another image reveals that the device is running on a similar UI as the Xperia Z, so there shouldn’t be a lot difference in that department. As of the actual launch, well it seems like Sony will announce the device officially at next month’s MWC 2013 event, during which we should also see several other mid-ranged smartphones launched by various manufacturers. We don’t expect the device to be known as the HuaShan when it is launched, as Sony will inevitably attach the Xperia moniker. Sony will eventually run out of alphabets for the naming of the Xperia smartphones, which is where the second alphabet should come in handy (hint: Xperia ZL, Xperia SL etc). After the announcement in February, the smartphone should be launched somewhere during the first half of 2013. More info is awaited on the matter.


It’s easy to tag this smartphone as a mid-ranged device, especially considering the fact that we have 1080p smartphones today. But one can’t deny the fact that it will appeal to a lot of users out there who have a keen interest on Sony’s mid-ranged offerings. The company’s smartphones like the Xperia sola, Xperia P have sold fairly well in the market. This new Sony offering shouldn’t cost more than $600 if Sony wants to make an impact on the market.

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