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Will BlackBerry 10 survive?

blackberry-l-seriesBlackBerry is a very popular brand. Everyone knows of BlackBerry, and according to me it is as popular as iPhone is, except that nobody wants to own a BlackBerry now. Honestly speaking, RIM has ruined itself. BlackBerry was once the leader in smartphone market, much like how Windows Mobile was, but then there were new companies coming up with new breed of softwares, and gave people what they wanted.

If you want to stay in the business, you have to give people what you want. Companies like Apple and Google have realized that, and even RIM has realized that, but it took a while for them to realize. RIM thought that they could keep their popularity by offering qwerty keyboard for business users, and then they thought that BBM would be great to capture casual customers, but iOS and Android had better to offer.

Now that RIM has realized, they are close to launching BlackBerry 10 OS, an all-new operating system that is aimed at making their devices sell. So we have two upcoming devices, the BlackBerry Z10 and X10. The new operating system has great support for touchscreen interaction, and that’s where the market is at this point in time. The Z10 is a full touch screen device whereas the X10 comes with the QWERTY keyboard. The devices are not a big secret, and seems like RIM doesn’t know to keep secrets. We have leaked pictures of both the devices, and they look good to me, and I would love to own one.

We have lot of details on Z10 and below are the highlights:
• High resolution screen with sensitive touch capability.
• Good build quality with rubberized back and comes with user replaceable battery
• Fast web browsing
• Multiple profiles
• Boots up under a minute

The hardware looks great, and so does the software, but will RIM be able to succeed with this? Well, there are loyal fans out there who would buy this, but what about others (who happen to be majority of customers)? It will take a miracle for BB10 to be popular because the problem is apps. RIM took too long to realize their problems and people have moved to iOS and Android in the meantime, and these two OS’ have plenty of apps to choose from, and that’s what people want. I’m not saying that they are better than BB10, but they have rich content and app ecosystem that BB10 cannot match, and majority of users are already in these two OS’. In case of BB10’s app ecosystem, they have to start from scratch, and they have a fair amount of apps right now which will support the release, but not enough to compete with iOS or Android.

BB10 will suffer from the same plague that affects Windows Phone 7 and 8. Smartphone is all about content and BB10 won’t be able to deliver the best content that Android and iOS already have. Would you buy a BB10 device? Do you think BlackBerry will be popular again? Let us know in the comment section below.

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