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Will Apple Really Launch a 4.8-inch iPhone This June?


The iPhone 5 is a pretty important device to Apple for several reasons. For starters, it has for the first time broken the 3.5-inch barrier for an Apple made smartphone, although in this case big is merely long and not wide. It’s a refreshing change nonetheless and the smartphone has seen millions of buyers so far. But as with any piece of technology, it is bound to get old and less talked about. That’s exactly what’s happening today, as we’re beginning to hear of a successor already. And no, we’re not referring to the budget iPhone rumor which we’ve already heard so much of. This time it’s the new “4.8-inch iPhone” rumor. A report emerging from China Times suggested that this new iPhone will be known as the iPhone Math and will pack the ultra large display (for an iPhone). In the current scenario, it all seems plausible. But frankly, it all sounds a little outrageous. Sure, it’s exciting enough to have a bigger iPhone don the markets when there’s already a large sized iPhone 5. But will Apple really go down that road, again? Critics have already been at Apple for merely increasing the length and the pixels for the new iPhone. But imagine the kind of changes Apple will have to make to accommodate for a 4.8-inch display panel.

Not to mention the fact that Apple is currently keeping it easy for developers with as few display resolutions to work with as possible. This is to avoid clashes with older apps which will display a big black bar on top for unsupported resolutions like we saw initially with plenty of apps on the iPhone 5. This change in resolution would also mean that developers will have to rework their apps. Sure, if Apple goes with the same resolution as with the iPhone 5 (1136×640) all of these problems will be thrown out of the window immediately, but it’s hard to imagine Apple vouching for a bigger smartphone with a lower pixel density, so that remains a hypothetical solution. These rumors basically state that there are a total of three iPhones launching in 2013 alone, two in June and one during the holiday season. This 4.8-inch iPhone is apparently one of the two smartphones launching in June, with the other being an updated version of the iPhone 5. Additionally, both these smartphones are believed to sport an 8MP camera sensor on the back, the same as the current iPhone. The holiday season iPhone apparently will feature an all new 12MP camera, which should be something to look forward to (if real).

In all fairness, the 4.8-inch iPhone rumor isn’t going to be taken seriously, not as of now at least. But perhaps, if these so called leaks start making their way into the news soon enough, we might just convince ourselves that it’s indeed real. I’m certainly taking this with a jar of salt for now, Apple certainly wouldn’t want to mess the app ecosystem it has created over the course of these years. But I guess at some point, Apple will have to come out of that closed Retina Display enclosure and think out of the box. Even though there will be obstacles, especially with regards to application development, it’s not a bad idea at all. But it won’t be happening in 2013. Sorry guys.

Source: China Times (Google Translate)
Via: Mac Rumors

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