Why BlackBerry 10 will succeed?


RIM has been doing bad in past few months, and in last quarter it actually lost its subscribers, down to 79 million from 80 million. The company has laid down a lot of employees, restructured the organization and invested $2.9 billion in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform, so the company cannot afford to fail. It’s a do or die situation and fate of the company completely depends on how BlackBerry 10 performs in the market, which is currently a duopoly of iOS and Android.

The share price of the Canadian company was around $8, but now that the launch of new platform is near, the share prices have increased to almost $15, which testifies the fact that investors believe in what RIM is planning. Below are few reasons why RIM’s BlackBerry 10 will succeed and put the company back in the game.

1)      Securing the enterprise: BlackBerry devices have always been known for the security of content they offer. BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BES, is a powerful tool for IT departments. All the Fortune 500 companies and government organizations have been trusting BlackBerry services for all these years and BlackBerry 10 is also designed on the same lines. BlackBerry 10 will be an instant hit among the enterprise users because iOS and Android aren’t able to offer the same level of security that BlackBerry has got to offer.

Apparently, over 1,600 companies have signed up for receiving training on BlackBerry 10. This alone shows the level of interest among business users. Android and iOS are focused heavily on consumers, and in terms of security, the only good competition would be from Windows Phone 8.

2)      Dividing work and play: With BlackBerry 10, RIM has included two separate modes, Personal and Work. Though it sounds simple, one can install games, chat and read personal emails in the personal mode, and this happens in a separate encrypted partition. Work mode will be another separate encrypted partition, and it can be locked down by the employer. That’s a convenient way to avoid carrying two phones, and the employer will have no control over what’s happening in the Personal container.

3)      Standing out of crowd: When Microsoft launched Windows Phone, it was seen as a genuine contender because it was a genuine alternative. You will normally see Apple accusing Google that they’ve copied few stuff from iOS. The best thing about BlackBerry 10 is that it will stand out of crowd because it is not a weak copy of any particular operating system, but a genuine alternative. The platform will be familiar for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users, but RIM seems to have taken inspiration from all the major platforms and added their own features such as gestures, the speed, the active frames, smooth multitasking between apps and services. This will make BlackBerry 10 stand out of the crowd and a viable choice for people who are bored with Android or iOS. Also, BB10 users won’t be missing out on the main features which these platforms have to offer.

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