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White LG Nexus 4 Spotted in the Wild


Google’s current flagship Nexus smartphone, the LG made Nexus 4 is somewhat of a mystery to a lot of us out there. Mystery because there are plenty of us who have no idea what the smartphone feels like and that’s entirely due to LG’s limited supply of the smartphone. The supply issues haven’t been sorted out yet despite assurances by LG as the company gears up for the MWC 2013 event taking place in Barcelona next month. But today is different as we have some good news coming for Nexus 4 fans. A new leaked image shows off what seems like a White color variant of the Nexus 4, and we love it. This image was sent to Phone Arena by an anonymous tipster, and it clearly has a few other changes when compared to its black sibling.

Almost immediately, we see the new look chrome plating surrounding the LED flash while with the black Nexus 4, the plating was all black. Sadly, we’re only treated to the back of the smartphone so it’s not known yet if it will be all white like the iPhones or just white on the back like a few smartphones we see today. We hope its the former as it could certainly appeal to a lot of new customers out there, which is if LG manages to sort out its supply related issues at the earliest. With this new leak, we’re hoping that LG has sorted out its issues in order to increase production of the Nexus 4. Perhaps the white variant is made specifically to accommodate for the shortage of materials required for the production of the black variant. There’s no way to make sure, but this new variant is certainly welcome in the market. Some close examination by the folks at Android Central confirmed that the pattern of the shiny material on the back (Crystal Reflective Process) is distinctly different with the white variant.

The Pattern Underneath The Glass When Magnified

Further analysis of the image reveals that the image was taken with a LG Optimus G, so it is possible that the picture is coming right from the heart of LG. There doesn’t seem to be any photoshop trickery involved with this picture, not as of now at least, so I guess we can believe in the authenticity of the image. This also gives birth to another question. Could this be an early model of the Nexus 4 which Google and LG decided to scrap before the launch? Or is this what we think it is? We’ll never know until LG makes it clear. We’re guessing this will be announced at the Google I/O developer conference in May which is where the Nexus 7 successor is believed to be launched as well, along with the latest version of Android. Let’s hope we get to see this new Nexus 4 in action sooner rather than later.

Source: Phone Arena, Android Central
Via: GSM Arena

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