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What makes my Android so effing ‘Hot’?

Though, all gadgets generate heat, sometimes things get too scorching inside your pockets. You start feeling the heat even more vehemently, when you feel your $500 gig literally ‘burning a hole’ in your pocket. That, unfortunately, is not a turn-on.

With the growing popularity of Android in the smartphone market, and lots of people whining about the ‘heat-down-under’, we thought to give them a reality check on what makes their Android so ‘hot’ and how can they undo it.Android-Fire_161

First things first: What makes my Android so hot?

Frankly speaking, a moderate amount of heat is unavoidable and normal for any electronic gadget. The heat is actually emancipated from the phone’s battery which is discharging at an unexpectedly faster rate. When you multi-task, play games, or surf web for a prolonged duration, the processor draws more than normal power from the battery.

The abrupt drainage of battery not only makes the device uncomfortable in hands, but also shortens the battery-life- something which you would want to avoid at all cost. Here are some of the activities to keep a check on:ambience-screen

Excessive Gaming: Though we all relish the savory endless runs on our canny smartphones, it’s time to loosen your fingers up. Sadly, the only way to cut down the over-heating of your phone is to cut down the duration of your gaming sessions. If only, our smartphones were big enough to inhibit a cooling fan, only then it would have been acceptable to be glued to smartphones- twisting, turning and dodging along the runs. However, the sore reality is that games utilize the highest resources on your phone. So, if you’re gaming all-day-long, there’s no way to kill the heat.Chrome-Beta

Prolonged Browsing: Next to excessive gaming, comes web browsing. Though smartphone browsers are light-weight, websites with lots of flash content can nearly choke up phone’s processor. Also, as browsing requires an active 3G/ 4G/ Wi-Fi connection, a lot of battery gets quenched in supporting wireless high-speed data transfers. While a little browsing on the phone is acceptable, and most of the times- unavoidable, we would suggest you to spare some trivial web tasks for your laptop/desktop.screenbrightness1

Brightness Levels: Everything that glitters is not gold. While people always want their phones to be ‘glowing with grace’, there’s a tail end to that. The screen brightness is the biggest battery soaker. Just go to Settings-> Battery and see what’s draining more than 50% of your battery life. The equation is simple then. More battery consumption implies more heat.images

Spoiler alert (Malicious apps): You won’t even know if these fluffy little bastards have subjugated your droid and are reporting every activity of yours to their esteemed master. Might seem a little extravagant and asinine, but it’s the sore truth. Android malware is spreading at an astonishing pace. According to an articulated report, it’s growing haphazardly at a yearly rate of 580 %. While there’s nothing you can do to avoid the threat (as some of these apps are hosted on Play Store itself), make sure you do not download apps from untrusted providers. Also, keep a check on the network activities and the background activities of installed apps. If you’re experiencing severe heating after installing a particular app, uninstall the app right away. To prevent the outbreak of malicious apps, install top-notch ant-virus software like AVG Antivirus or Lookout Mobile Security.

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