We may see 128 GB iOS devices in the future

128 GB iOS 6.1 Device

Are you an iOS person? And are you a content consumer? If so, then you would prefer having a lot of storage space on your device, offline, so that you can stuff it up with as many movies, videos, photos, and music albums as you can. On an iPhone or an iPad of today, you can get a maximum of 64 GB on board storage. But the new iOS 6.1 beta 5 that was released to developers a couple of days ago reveals that Apple may be planning on releasing an iOS based device with an on board storage capacity of up to 128 GB. The manifest file that comes with the operating system release mentions this clearly, and this has been absent in every previous release.

But this does not essentially mean that we will see such a device any time soon. The company may be just providing the option and not be actually working on any such device. The price of the iPhone as it is now is very high compared to its Android counterparts. And if you get your calculations right, a 128 GB iPhone would cost you at least $500 on contract and $950 off contract or at retail. That is pretty expensive. But to be true, the high price of the iOS based devices has never slowed down the rate at which they are sold.

If you think, a 128 GB hard disk on an iPad is more practical. This is because the device is bigger physically compared to the iPhone, and since the iPad has a bigger screen than the iPhone, content consumption is more favorable on the iPad. So may we expect a 128 GB iPad anytime soon? Well, that is anybody’s guess. Or will there be an iPod Touch of that capacity to store more stuff in it? Well, we really cannot predict this.

Source: Phone Arena