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Walmart Selling iPhone 5 With Straight Talk’s Unlimited Plans


It’s easy to forget about the Apple iPhone 5, when we’re being surrounded by tons of new smartphones each day. But with the kind of status that Apple holds, it’s hard to write them off when a newer smartphone arrives, for the simple reason that the iPhones just don’t stop selling. But thinking from the customer’s perspective, given the kind of monopoly American carriers have over the iPhones and the customers who use them, it can at times be a financial nightmare to own an iPhone for those on a budget. While carriers offer the device for a relatively lesser price up ahead, they more than make up for it with monthly rentals and data plans over the duration of the contract. But here’s a new deal which is sure to woo a lot of customers.

Walmart has now announced that it will be bringing the Apple iPhone 5 with Straight Talk’s (exclusive to Walmart) no contract unlimited plans. Yes, this means that the user has to purchase the smartphone for a hefty price up ahead (starting from $649) but can receive better deals on data plans and voice minutes in the long run. And since it’s available for basically no contract, the user can also switch carriers altogether and get a new connection if he/she wishes to do so. The press release states that Straight Talk’s unlimited plans can save up to $950 every year compared to the unlimited plans of on-contract carriers (AT&T, Sprint and Verizon). So this could basically be the best iPhone data plan one can buy, although network coverage could be an issue as with any unofficial carrier. But for those willing to compromise on that, the iPhone 5 on Straight Talk is an absolute screamer of a deal. The device is available for purchase via Walmart Stores or from Walmart’s Online Store at Walmart will also offer users with a “no interest fixed monthly payments special financing” for $25 which will require a Walmart Credit Card.

What’s special is that the price here is the same as the iPhone 5’s off contract/unlocked price in an Apple Store, so you can basically benefit more if you bought your unlocked iPhone 5 via Walmart than directly from Apple. As this news begins to pick up pace, expect Walmart stores all over the country to stock up on the smartphone. This offer will also be available, apparently on the 8GB iPhone 4 which the company is selling for $449 (Black or White). So basically, the customers at Walmart will have more than one offer to check out now. Although we recommend you to skip the 8GB iPhone 4 as it’s a two year old smartphone and we don’t expect it to be supported for long. So shelling out $450 on a device which is that old doesn’t really make sense.

Source: Straight Talk
Via: 9to5Mac

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