Vodafone Australia says NO to BB10 devices


Blackberry launched an all new platform and two new devices yesterday. The devices include BlackBerry Z10 and Blackberry Q10. The Q10 is equipped with hardware qwerty keyboard and will make it to the market some time later in April, whereas the Z10 is readily available in U.K. The Z10 will make it to U.S. shores by mid-March. The devices have managed to attract a lot of attention, but apparently Vodafone Australia isn’t impressed by what BlackBerry has to offer.

BlackBerry Australia has confirmed that they won’t be getting the device to the country. It should be noted that Blackberry’s Australian managing director, Matthew Ball, is an ex-vodafone employee. At the launch event, Ball told that Australian carriers including Telstra and Optus will be offering the new BlackBerry devices sometime in March. Vodafone’s global brand will be offering BlackBerry 10 devices, so Australia would be a special case.

“Globally, we’ll be launching with Vodafone,” Ball said. “Within the Australian market, we have shown and demonstrated BlackBerry 10 to the Vodafone team here locally. Their response was that they liked it, but need to refocus on other priorities at the moment.”

It is said that Vodafone will continue working with the Canadian technology major and there is a possibility that the carrier will launch the firm’s device at a later point in the future, but as of now there are no plans as such. Once other two major carriers start selling the devices, it may encourage Vodafone to jump the bandwagon.

“I would suggest that once they’re starting to see the success coming out of the other operators, I would suggest they would likely come on board.”

Apparently, two out of three BlackBerry users are enterprise or business customers. It’s worth noting that BlackBerry 10 is a completely re-designed and re-engineered platform, and unlike before, this all new OS is targeted towards consumer market instead of enterprise market, and of course it is very well capable of catering the enterprise market as well, thanks to the built in security that BlackBerry systems are known for. BlackBerry Z10 is purely designed to win over consumer customers, but at the same time it will also attract business users, and perhaps the ratio would be 55% business and 45% consumer customers.

Both the devices, Z10 and Q10, are very good devices. The build quality is excellent and so is the software running it. The hardware isn’t mediocre in anyway, and far better than what previous BlackBerries were equipped with. The Canadian technology major is concentrating more on selling the full touchscreen Z10, and unlike the Z10, the qwerty equipped Q10 won’t be available anytime soon. BlackBerry has a large customer base of 79 million users, and even if a small percentage of users decide to upgrade to a BB10 device, the company would be successful in making its investors happy. In my opinion, they should have made Q10 available right away because qwerty smartphones is a big market and BB brand will instantly succeed in that segment. What’s your thought?

Source: zdnet

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