Vizio Reveals AMD Windows 8 Tablet With 1080p Display

American consumer electronics manufacturer Vizio has just revealed an impressive Windows 8 tablet which they will be showing off at CES later this week. The company known for making flat-screen monitors has already a couple of tablet models out in the market but these are running on Android OS. This upcoming device will be their first Windows 8 model which they call the Windows Tablet PC.


The Windows Tablet PC is the first device of its class that will be powered by an AMD processor. It’s using the AMD Z60 Hondo dual core processor in particular. We’re excited to see how this fares against the Intel models using Atom Clover Trail processors.

Vizio Windows Tablet PC Hardware Specifications

  • 1GHz dual-core AMD Z60 processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 11.6-inches of screen size
  • Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 64GB SSD storage
  • 2MP camera on front
  • Micro-HDMI port
  • Micro-USB port

This upcoming device will be running on Windows 8 instead of Windows RT so there’s no problem installing native Windows apps on it. The company says that it won’t pre-install any apps on it when sold in the market. This is actually good since most of the apps installed by manufacturers are bloatware and are not full versions anyway.

Vizio has not made any announcement on the pricing and availability of this device yet but there’s a big probability that it’s going to be announced at CES.

In other related news the company has refreshed a couple of its PC lineup with models now sporting quad core processors and touch screens to take advantage of all the neat features of Windows 8. Although relatively new in the laptop market, entering it only last year, the company seems to be doing everything right. Their models come at a cheaper price compared to its competition and they offer a bloatware-free version of Windows.

via venturebeat