Verizon Giving One Month Trial of Redbox Instant To Its Beta Users


Netflix competitor Redbox Instant has been in the works for some time now, and is being funded by both Redbox and Verizon. If you’re one of the lucky users who are currently using the app with a beta code, you’re in luck, as that code will also give you a 1-month free trial to the service. With the free 1-month trial you’ll have access to unlimited movie streaming for free. Not only that, but the 1-month trial also offers up four free DVD rentals from a Redbox kiosk, which are taking the U.S. market by storm.

Considering the service normally runs at $8 a month, this is a huge deal. In contrast, Netfilix’s service is $8 a month without any sort of free rentals.

While $8 a month isn’t a bad price at all, I would’ve liked to see $1 movie rentals, much like how the Redbox Kiosk pricing works. I guess the free four movie rentals makes up for it though.

If you haven’t gotten in to the Redbox Instant beta, be sure to head over to to sign up for the beta. You can also grab the Rebox Instant app here.

In other news, Redbox Instant still does not work for users with a rooted smartphone, which is the main reason why the Redbox Instant app has been rated so slow on the Google Play Store. In order to access Redbox Instant with a rooted device, be sure to follow instructions in this guide.

If you’re already in the beta and testing the app out, let us know how you’re liking it in the comments!

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