Undead Slayer Android Game Review

Sometimes you just want a game where you can just hack and slash away at your enemies. NHN Corp. has just released a game over at Google Play called Undead Slayer that lets you do this by slaying all of your undead enemies. While most zombie themed games have complicated storylines that unravel slowly, this title ditches this drama and lets you jump into the action immediately.

Undead slayer can be downloaded for free on your Android device right now. You will need Android 2.2 or greater to run this game as well as 30 MB of storage space. The amazing part about this game is that only one person was responsible in developing it.

The game is set in ancient China where zombies roam the land. Your task is to get rid of these undead with your trusty sword.

If this is going to be your first time playing the game then you will have the option to start a new game. Once the game starts you’ll be immediately placed in the middle of the action. In your first battle scene you will be able to defeat all your enemies as the controls are fairly simple. Tap the screen once in the direction of the enemy to attack them or double tap on the screen to make an evasive action. Tapping and holding on to the screen activates your special attack.

You will be able to choose which characters you want to control. Each character has their own unique abilities which you can further enhance.

There are several areas in the map which you can enter and do battle in. You will be able to collect items and level up your character in this game. Upgrading and learning new skills can also be done by spending gold that you loot. If you don’t have enough gold then you will need to use “jade” which is the in-game currency to purchase gold. You can buy jade using real world money which can be easily processed from within the game.

The graphics of the game is quite superb and striking. The developer not only knows how to create good color combinations but also pays homage to some of the great JRPG games of the past.

Some of the key features of Undead Slayer are

  • Free to Play
  • Simple & Easy to pick up gameplay.
  • 90 Stages of Hack-and slash action
  • 20 Unique skills with dazzling effects
  • One developer does it all!

If you are looking for an action packed game where you can just hack and slash away at zombies then check out this title at Google Play now.

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