Ubuntu to announce a new product in 2 hrs


Linux is considered to be mother of all operating systems. It’s free and used almost everywhere, though not many people notice it. Linux is used in majority of web servers and most of the supercomputers also make use of Linux. For desktop use, there are a lot of free distributions available, but the most popular flavor has got to be the Ubuntu from Canonical.

Canonical is always working on Ubuntu in order to make it a better open source operating system, and seems like it has got something new to offer to the community this time. Canonical has put up a countdown teaser for an “all-new Ubuntu product” on At the time of writing this post, the countdown timer reads 2 hours and 10 minutes. We’re not sure what exactly folks at Canonical will be launching, but the teaser reads “So close, you can almost touch it”, which indicates that it has got to do something with mobile touch screen devices.

Since Ubuntu is all open source, there is little to no room for surprises. Everybody knows everything, and if we take a note of all the products that are in development currently, it would be apt to say that the product that will be launching in few hours is Ubuntu for Android. There’s no doubt that open source is the future, and also mobile devices are also the future of computing, so combining them would be the best thing to do. If we take a look at Android, which is an open source mobile operating system that is Linux based, it has grown exponentially since its launch and much more than companies like Apple predicted it would.

It is also possible that the announcement is about Ubuntu phone or tablet, but again it is unlikely because folks at Ubuntu have just started optimizing Ubuntu for mobile devices, and also Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth had said specifically that the OS wouldn’t be ready for use on phones or tablets until 2014. Since Ubuntu phone is not ready, Ubuntu for Android should be a stop gap measure until a full touch based OS is released.

Talking of Ubuntu for Android, an official Canonical engineer showcased a Google Nexus 7 running Ubuntu recently, and it looks pretty amazing. The basic idea of Ubuntu for Android is that since both are linux based, there can a tight integration with the Android service layer. So basically, the phone or tablet will run Android as usual, but when the device is docked, a full-fledged Ubuntu instance will be shown on an external monitor, and the user will be able to continue performing tasks that he was doing on Android, from continuing the same music, to opening the same browser tabs, so the transition between two environments is seamless.

In every dual-core phone, there’s a PC trying to get out. We’ll soon find out what Ubuntu has to offer us this time, but we hope it is Ubuntu for Android. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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