Ubisoft Launches Far Cry 3 Outpost For Android and iOS, Lets You Keep An Eye On Multiplayer Stats


Ubisoft has published a a new Far Cry 3 app available for Android and iOS. The app will allow players to keep up on their multiplayer progression, customize their loadouts, keep an eye on their statistics and even keep track of maps that were made through Far Cry 3’s map editor. There are a plethora of other features too.

While many who have downloaded the Android app are experiencing issues with stability on the app, reviewer Marek Morvai claims to have been sent an e-mail from a developer saying that they are hard at work in regards to fixing issues with the app and on their own servers.

“After [a] reply from [the] developer about some fixed issues on their servers, I gave this app one more try.”

The majority of iOS users (based off of reviews) seem to have not experienced the stability problem found on the Android version of the app.

Those who are interested in downloading the Far Cry 3 app and grab it here for iOS devices and here for Android devices. Keep in mind that the Far Cry 3 app is designed to work with your copy of Far Cry 3, so if you don’t have the game it won’t be of much use to you.

To wet your appetite, Ubisoft has even put up a trailer for the app. The commercial features a trouble red character finding it extremely difficult to get the limited edition shotgun for double XP weekend he has always wanted in. Through the power of the Far Cry 3 app, a buddy sends him the shotgun unknowing that he had been hard at work trying to get it. Leave it to Ubisoft to create an outstanding commercial! You can check out the video below.

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