Tunneler Android Game Review

Are you looking for some old school action that you can play in your Android device?  Game developer ilikedroid presents to you Tunneler which is a remake of the hit 90’s game of the same name which ran on the DOS platform. For those of you who have tried this out in the DOS platform then this Android version will definitely bring back nostalgic memories. Those who will try it out for the first time will learn that not all good games come with cutting edge graphics.

Tunneler can now be downloaded for free at Google Play. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.2 and a storage space of just 640 kb.

In the game you control a tank that starts out at your base and must search for your opponent’s tank and destroy it. If you win at least three rounds out of five you win the game. As simple as the gameplay may sound it really is quite challenging since you won’t know where the enemy tank is. You have a limited view of the world around you and the only way to get a bigger version of the world is to explore it and dig around.

The control of the game is quite simple. There are two virtual buttons on the screen; one is used to control the movement of the tank while the other is to fire your weapons. When you fire your weapons make sure to check on the energy meter on the screen since once this is depleted you will not be able to fire your weapon. Your energy gets depleted when you move around or when you fire your weapons. Moving around uses considerable less energy compared to firing your weapons. You can get more energy by recharging at either base.

As of now the game only lets you compete with the computer AI. An updated version of the game which is being developed will feature multiplayer support so you can compete with your friends.

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