Travelers’ must-have networking gadgets

We ought to travel sometime in our lives, and in today’s technologically knitted world, it is almost unimaginable to be off the grid even on holidays and pleasure trips. Even some remote parts of the world now are no longer free from the reaches of the Internet.  Travelers can now conveniently share visual pleasures on trips by uploading pictures on Instagram, Flickr, and other networking sites almost anywhere in the world, thanks largely to the wide availability of cell networks almost anywhere.

While we can always wait to get to airports, hotels, or restaurants along the way to access WiFi, there are also other devices that can come handy for those wishing to have almost constant internet connection on the go.

Let us see some of these wonderful gadgets that anyone can pack while on a trip:

Huawei E355 3G/WiFi dongle. If you are looking for a decent broadband connection on trips with enough cell coverage but too worried that your roaming data bill will soar, the Huawei E355 dongle is your best bet. This gadget only needs a powered USB port to work so connecting it to car charger is a snap. A Huawei E355 Mobile Wi-Fi Smart adapter can also be purchased so one can plug it in to a wall outlet.

Huawei E355 looks similar to any other 3G USB dongle being sold in the market today but what sets it apart is its ability to allow up to 5 wireless devices to connect on one 3G connection.

The device is lightweight, compact, and has a SIM card and microSD memory slots. It also features an external antenna connector to ensure good signal reception.

The compact modem inside the device is HSPA+ compatible, allowing up to 21.6 Mbps download and up to 5.76 Mbps upload speeds. Its Wi-Fi supports 802.b/g/n networking cards. The MicroSD expandable memory slot can give up to 32 GB of storage space.

Unlike its MiFi predecessor, Huawei E355 does not have its own battery pack, but considering how common USB standard is, this one will run just fine anywhere.

Asus WL-330NUL. Considered the smallest Wi-Fi router in the world, this gadget is a perfect fit for travelers wanting to travel asus2light. At 25 grams, this Wi-Fi router hardly tells a user its even there. This one supports the 802.11 b/g/n adapter and has an Ethernet port on one end to allow wired connection. A powered USB port from a computer can kick start the device. Its handy charger can also be used if one wants to save some battery life of a laptop. For those packing thin notebooks that don’t come with an Ethernet port, the Asus WL-330NUL router can also function as a USB Ethernet adapter. It is an excellent choice for staying connected even if one is away from an office or home network.

The price is yet to be announced though. Release date of Asus WL-330NUL is scheduled on February 14 2013.

Huawei E5151. Bigger and bulkier than Huawei E355, the E5151 also comes with an integrated Ethernet port so users can c89e9_e5151-wificonnect it to a wired line. With its Wi-Fi capability, the new Huawei E5151 router can be used as a wireless source of Internet connection outdoors, and as a wired connection source indoors when in a hotel room.

This device is also useful if you want to connect more than wireless device  like tablets, smartphones, and notebooks at the same time. Many hotels only allows 1 to 3 devices to connect to their wired internet connection for each log-in credential.

The E5151 has a removable Li-Ion battery pack that can last for 5 hours. It can be charged using a micro-USB port connection via a computer or wall outlet. The device also supports HSPA+ and can give up to 21.6 Mbps download speed.

Huawei E5151 can allow up to 10 devices to connect on a one 3G connection.

TripButler Wi-Fi. If Europe is one of your travel destination, getting a TripButler Wi-Fi device is a perfect companion to stay Photo-08-06-2012-12-59-22connected to the Internet. Developed by an Austrian start-up with reducing tourist roaming bills in mind during design, the TripButler Wi-Fi offers a very affordable data price. It partners with local mobile carriers to give data at a much lower price compared to the cost of roaming mobile phone.

The device can easily fit in one’s hand and small enough to be pocketed. Just like most pocket routers, this one can allow up to 5 devices to connect at one time, making it a practical option for family trips or a small group of friends.

Travelers can order a device before a trip so it will be delivered in the hotel where they’re staying. Delivery cost is $14. Orders can be placed at  There is a 75 euro deposit but will be refunded if the device will be returned in good condition, according to the website.

If you have any other suggestions for similar devices, please feel free to add comments below.

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