Top 4 Android Games Of 2012

Plague Inc

I can’t even begin to list how many great games were released for Android this year! We’ve seen outstanding work from Rovio with Angry Birds: Star Wars, Gameloft has done an outstanding job with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Asphalt 7. The amount of indie developers that have submitted games to the Google Play Store have also been outstanding. 2013 is bound to bring more awesome games now that Ouya development kits have been sent out, but regardless, here’s my top 4 Android games of the year!

Plague Inc — Plague Inc is easily one of the best strategy games of the year. Miniclip did a fantastic job developing it. The user creates his/her own disease and has a goal to spread it all throughout the world. You can either have it take the world by storm or your disease can be the Silent Assassin, so to speak. Regardless of which route you take, the entire world needs to be infected (and possibly killed off) before scientists and health professionals are able to find a cure. The game gets more difficult as countries devote their money to the cure and put it on their priority lists. It is a free game, but if you want all of the features your going to have to give Miniclip $9.99. It’s a steep price for an Android game, but well worth the money.

Angry Birds: Star Wars — This was easily one of the most anticipated Android games of the year. Finland-based company Rovio set out to unify Star Wars into their popular Angry Birds franchise. It has to be the best idea the company has ever had, especially since they incorporated some features you can find in Angry Birds: Space. Like most Angry Birds games, you can get it for free with ads, or you can pay for it without ads. On top of that, there is a set of “Path of the Jedi” missions that will also cost you some extra cash.

Steam — While this isn’t a game, it is a outstanding platform for you to browse games and remotely install them on your laptop at home. Steam is also great to have when its developer, Valve, starts running holiday sales. That way you can always have access to Steam if you have to go somewhere. The best part: you won’t have to miss the sale for a single moment. Albeit that does depend if you’re in an accursed meeting. You kinda have to pay attention in those.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour — I know, I know, this should probably be at the top of the list. The only thing is, I haven’t gotten to play it very much due to a lack of time. From what I have played thus far though, Modern Combat 4 is easily the best first-person shooter on the Google Play Store. To sum it up, it’s essentially a dumbed down version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Android. I’ll make sure to do a full review to give my full opinion at a later date.

Make sure to list some Android games that were your favorite this past year in the comments section below!

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