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Things RIM should keep in mind for BB10’s success


The stock market and investors seem to work in weird ways. In 2011, the investors thought that Apple would be a great company to invest in and the masses turned the stock into the most successful stock of the year, however, in 2012, they expressed some doubt and rolled back their investments, though Apple continued to achieve sales record.

Now it’s RIM’s time. The BlackBerry 10 is near and as of now, everybody believes that the company will bring revolution in the smartphone industry. Currently, the industry is a duopoly of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These two operating systems serve 90% of the smartphones. RIM’s stock seems to be strong, and its rose by 10% on Friday, even though it was on the news for global outage that affected BB customers on Vodafone’s network.

Investors will support RIM until the January 30th press conference, post which it will be up to company to ensure that it survives. There are certain things people look for when they buy a smartphone, and devices such as iPhone, which is king of smartphones, seem to deliver just that. In order to declare a smartphone war against upcoming iOS and Android devices, RIM must few keep few things in mind:

Apps: The app ecosystem of any smartphone platform is very important for success of the same. RIM is apparently working very hard on apps and apparently they are even bribing developers in order to lure them into submitting quality apps. RIM recently ran a pair of virtual events encouraging developers into porting their apps for RIM’s new platform. The company promised to pay $100 per submitted app, which was good enough and over 15,000 apps were submitted in just 2 days. That’s about $1.5 million RIM owes to developers.

Camera: People like to click photos. A smartphone can do much more than click photos, browse web, send texts and make phone calls, but majority of users tend to use these features excessively, so RIM must make sure that the camera on BB10 devices are snappy and deliver good quality images. One of the main reasons why Lumia 920 is attracting so much attention is because of its high quality camera.

Intuitive Controls: Nobody would like to go through the user manual and read for hours before starting to use the phone. The options must be intuitive, just like how options on iOS are. Consumers are able to pick an iPhone and use it right away, with very small learning curve.

Consumer Appeal: The devices must be made attractive. Everybody likes the iPhone, and that’s because they are cool. The device has cool commercial and build quality is excellent. All these things add value to the product. In case of Android, it can appear on almost any kind of product. RIM has to come out with the coolest models ever in order to appeal consumers, and it has no other option because it’s a smartphone company and unlike Microsoft, it doesn’t have the time luxury.

What according to you should a BB10 device have?

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