The New York Times attacked by Chinese over four months

The New York Times Building

Chinese hackers have recently started making the headlines in the western world. They have started to appear a lot in the news since 2008, when they actually started hacking computers in the western part of the world. Chinese hackers, who have been told to be hired by the Chinese government and the military, have tried to attack the United States military bases, and also hack the computers of journalists in the United States.

Yesterday, The New York Times revealed that it has been warding attacks from Chinese hackers from four months. The new publication has hired a security company called Mandiant, and this security company says that the type of attacks that has been used to hack the New York Times’ computers has been encountered before and has been tracked back to China. The hackers have used computers in a United States University to hack these computers. The same has happened before.

The news publication says that the attacks started happening when it published an investigative article on the 24th of October last year that revealed Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, had tried to hide a massive family fortune. “Other U.S. news organizations that have been targeted by Chinese hackers include Bloomberg News, which was hacked last year after publishing an article about the family wealth of China’s then-vice president Xi Jinping,” says Tech Crunch.

The New York Times says that the attacks by Chinese hackers on it and other news organizations is an attempt to control China’s image:

The mounting number of attacks that have been traced back to China suggest that hackers there are behind a far-reaching spying campaign aimed at an expanding set of targets including corporations, government agencies, activist groups and media organizations inside the United States. The intelligence-gathering campaign, foreign policy experts and computer security researchers say, is as much about trying to control China’s public image, domestically and abroad, as it is about stealing trade secrets.

The attacks from Chinese hackers has been a problem for a long time now, and thankfully, there are measures with which professionals are able to control these attacks.

Source: Tech Crunch

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